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Easy like Saturday Morning

​There are few times I value more than my Saturday mornings at home. This is the safe space where my overachieving mind is allowed to have no plans, no expectations and things can happen S-L-O-W-L-Y. 

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20 Facts About Me

The easiest thing to write about when you’re trying to get into/ return to the groove? YOURSELF. I mean really what do you know better? I will try to use this to break back into my laptop relationship and maybe make some new friends. I love Jesus I’m a college admissions counselor at UNC Asheville… Continue reading 20 Facts About Me

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Five Pretty Green Things That Will Make You Think Summer

Being stuck inside at a 9-5 is great because it allows me to pay for a building that I can sleep inside, but it’s also not great because I can see how good it feel outside through the glass doors of my office. I try to sit really still in my windowless office so I… Continue reading Five Pretty Green Things That Will Make You Think Summer

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Regaining Perspective after Anxiety

After spending a large portion of time being an anxious mess, I have to follow that period of time up with an equally large amount of time reminding myself  to keep my perspective in check. ( Because I have recognized, at least in myself, that anxiety is caused by an inexplicably skewed perspective). This is… Continue reading Regaining Perspective after Anxiety


Seven Stages of Traveling Overseas With Your Parents

Hello Everyone! It’s been a bit since I’ve written, but I’ve just returned stateside after an 11-day trip to Belgrade, Serbia. My husband’s home country, this was my fifth trip so the journey and all of the trimmings have become what feels like a second home to me. But, this trip was very, very different… Continue reading Seven Stages of Traveling Overseas With Your Parents


Saving {very dry} Winter Skin

Happy Friday! Its winter here in Western North Carolina, but I feel a little uncomfortable describing it as such- especially because it’s 71ºF today. Nevertheless, it is February, and my winter skin problems are plaguing me like its 20ºF. I used to describe myself as someone with VERY dry skin. But after watching hours of youtube videos… Continue reading Saving {very dry} Winter Skin