Step Into Spring

My seasonal Christmas graced Western North Carolina this  weekend as the J. Crew Sample sale came to the distribution warehouse in Asheville, N.C. This is fabulous because it encompasses three of my favorite things in one event, J.Crew, getting a steal of a deal, and competition.

Anyone who knows me know how much I love J.Crew and a good sale. Every time the new season’s catalog comes out, I pick it up an try to re-create my favorite looks, most of the time with what I can find at Goodwill (I work for the state). As much joy as I get from that, it was impossible to pass up the opportunity to get the real thing at a price I can afford.

So a trash bag, some thrown elbows and 3 hours later, I came home with four pairs of pants, three pairs of shoes, a sweater, a scarf, three necklaces, new sunglasses and a handful of hair accessories, all for less than $140. ( all pictured above)

While I’m actually in love with all of it, I wanted to share three of my favorite pieces.

First, and obviously these leopard calf hair ankle boots.

Half of me loves them because they are unique and super comfortable. The other half of me loves them because I found them in excellent condition for $45 and they retail for about $400.

I’m no so wild a dresser as these might suggest, I really like the classic looks, but I was feeling adventurous, and I think these can take a classic look and add some sauce to it 🙂

Next, is the pink ladybug pendant necklace.



I was so happy to find this because I remember looking at it  in the retail and outlet stores and pining over it because I have been super into long necklaces, and this just says spring to me.

I can’t wait to over-wear this in the spring an summer with dresses and long tops.

I really like pieces like this because they help me to ease my wardrobe into spring with a small pop of color without going from all black in boots to a fuchsia blur in cork wedges.

Finally, I’m a little more than excited about these black  wide-legged cropped pants.


photo/ link:


These aren’t the exact pair, but these look the most similar, they retail for about $100 at bebe (link in the caption).

I’ll be honest, these are a little out of my box. I am totally cool with leopard calf hair, but a little flare in my usually strictly-skinny pants closet is scary.

I swore I would never wear these when they first came out, but I have seen so many cute outfits with them that I decided to take a baby step out of my box. Any girls who have already purchased these have any ideas on what to pair them with? I’d love suggestions!

P.S. For all my long-legged giraffe women, these come in tall. So we don’t have to look like we are wearing gaucho Bermuda shorts  😉

Happy spring shopping!




16 Minute Fix

I’m not immune to the everyday issue of sleeping through the first alarm.. and the second, and more recently, the sixth. I think it has something to do with the way my body naturally rebels to starting my first job that begins at 8 am in the middle of winter. (Darkness=sleep)

I usually set my alarm about 70 minutes before the golden time that I’m supposed to be out the door (7:40). Recently, it’s been more of a grumpy roll out of bed a 7:24, I have my alarm set on a 9 minute snooze – because 10 minutes would be absolutely ridiculous.

This leaves me about 16  minutes to get dressed, get my act together and get out the door. And it’s the getting my act together part that usually takes the longest- I must be fed and somewhat made up. So I’ve been reduced to throwing my clothes on as quickly as I can. Here’s how I keep it professional, unique and quick! (And some days just 2 outta 3)img_0967

The Boring parts:

I’m quickly selling myself out here, but I hide in black. I know that makes me different form about zero other women, but if it ain’t broke don’t break it.

Not only black, but I honestly tend to wear a lot of solids. Hence, the black and tan. I am honestly trying to incorporate more prints, but the furthest I’ve gone towards boldness is horizontal stripes.. and so much so that they’re almost a solid.

The black pants are a deliciously stretchy knit from Ann Taylor.

The black jacket is a knit cross zip from Banana Republic.

The Fun!

This winter even more than others, I am obsessed with suede. I think the texture just looks warm and expensive (obviously, in the right capacities).

So, I’m starting with a boring that I’m considering as both- the tan top. This is a short-sleeved hi-low suede shirt that  I got at Goodwill (where I hope to have my ashes scattered) for $3.75. Alone, it honestly sort of looks like a hi-end cowboy stripper shirt. But, with friends, I think really think it works!

Also, in the land of suede are my ankle booties with a kitten heel from J. Crew. (I can only do a kitten heel in a boot because if it didn’t have sides I would roll right off, and I don’t see how others don’t also.)


Finally, and most obviously a statement necklace. I used to think this meant it had to be one of those big jewely types from J.Crew (and trust me I have my fair share of those) but, I’ve recently most towards more metals and tassels. This one was .60¢ on sale at Forever 21. I love to find interesting (weird) pieces cheap!

So the moral of our story is, when strapped for time you can never fail with black investment pieces and a little dollar store flair!

I’d love to hear how you pull it together in the morning, especially in a rush!