Returning to ‘Normal’

Happy Hump day!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous first half of the week, and for the glass-half-fullers we are almost to the weekend!

I’m been talking a lot lately about mental health and the road to recovery after anxiety or depression. For those who have never experienced it, I understand it seems like I’m going overboard, and honestly, I hope you always feel that way because you never have to go through it.

For those who are currently going through anxiety, or are well on their way to recovery I want to talk about my experience and a few things I painfully searched for on the great and powerful Google, but couldn’t find.

I am going to address what was my biggest question that sort of formed an umbrella over my whole experience “Am I ever going to be back to ‘normal’?”

It drove me absolutely insane that everything I read about people who tried medication, therapy and all sorts of things all said “I am doing so much better, I’ve stopped having panic attacks and for the past ‘x’ years I have only had minor anxiety.”

What?! No. I spent 24 years of my life without anxiety and it slapped me in the face one day, and now I am going to have victory by only having minor anxiety forever? That was something I was not going to accept, and I couldn’t understand how these other people who were like me were satisfied with just having generalized anxiety forever.

My response two that is a two-parter:

First, if you haven’t heard it from anyone else yet, let me be the first to tell you, you are going to be completely fine one day. And you are going to feel normal.

Second, ‘normal’ will look a little different to you.

You will, in fact, feel like your old self again after you’ve taken the time to heal whether it be through therapy, medication or just time. But, part of that new normal will be that you now know how to handle anxiety-inducing situations, so they will no longer feel like anxiety.- That’s the part I didn’t get.

When I would read about people who just lived with ‘occasional’ anxiety, I hadn’t gone through my recovery process yet, and more importantly, I hadn’t discovered that that’s how you beat anxiety, by not giving power to those thoughts/ fears.

That’s the piece I was missing.

Now that I have made it through a significant part of my journey back to ‘normal’, I understand. I do feel 100% like my old self, and when thoughts or feelings of anxiety come, I don’t see them as that any more, and because they don’t hold that same power, it doesn’t feel like I have anxiety anymore.

I know this isn’t the 100% erased answer that you were hoping for, but I hope it can reinforce that you are going to get better, and you don’t have to fear these feeling forever. Your perspective will shift, and your ability to relax  will be back sooner than you think.

For forgetting Sarah Marshall fans, you just have to  “do less”

What are some of your concerns and problems that you are working through right now?


2 thoughts on “Returning to ‘Normal’

  1. Molly says:

    Oh this is just perfect!! My panic attacks smacked me in the face with their existence when I turned 19, and whenever I would read people saying that thing about “I’m recovered, I only feel anxiety a little bit now!” it would scare me SO MUCH. But you are SPOT on with what you’ve written here.

    You will feel stable again, but your perception of what “normal” is will have shifted–and for the better! Because now you’re resilient and have anxiety management skills!!

    Ugh I so appreciate this post. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meredith Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the comment! I am so happy you are on the happy side of anxiety and you have gained so much strength and resiliency!

      I love to hear from people who have made it through those tough times, thanks for encouraging others!

      Liked by 1 person

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