20 Facts About Me

The easiest thing to write about when you’re trying to get into/ return to the groove? YOURSELF. I mean really what do you know better? I will try to use this to break back into my laptop relationship and maybe make some new friends.

  1. I love Jesus
  2. I’m a college admissions counselor at UNC Asheville
  3. I have A LOT of (way too many) clothes
  4.  Most of which came from Goodwill, I LOVE Goodwill
  5. I got married while in college
  6. I am extremely cheap IMG_1507.JPG
  7. I have a very cute dog
  8. I suck at make-up
  9. I played volleyball and ran track in college
  10. I love to cook new recipes.
  11. I am painfully competitiveApartment Gardens
  12. I unintentionally kill lots of plants
  13. I’ve HAD (and survived) anxiety and depression
  14. I dye my hair (frequently) at home
  15. My dream job is US ambassador in a foreign country
  16. I’m a terrible speller
  17. My family is my greatest assetb8e03d78bcaf237e566748f7a16be8ed
  18. Being outside helps me relax
  19. I love college basketball
  20. I make things for more than it would cost to buy them

Wow am I glad I only  picked 20, because that was harder than I thought it would be. I’d love to hear if I have anything in common with you? Connections are my favorite part of blogging.