Five Pretty Green Things That Will Make You Think Summer

Being stuck inside at a 9-5 is great because it allows me to pay for a building that I can sleep inside, but it’s also not great because I can see how good it feel outside through the glass doors of my office.
I try to sit really still in my windowless office so I don’t have to pass by the full-length windows in the break room that tempt me to run out and never look back.. except that I’d be running into a construction site, and I am really fond of sleeping indoors.
But today I gave in. I stared out the window. I day-dreamed about a beach trip where I tan my seasoned office skin. If you would like to join me in my day-dreaming, I give you five beautiful views that make you think of Summer.

1. Apartment Gardens
Apartment Gardens


2. Watermelon



3.Waterfall Hikes


4. Road Trips

Vw Camper Volkswagen Automobile Vw Car

5. Beach Vibes



*Sigh* While (most of us) can’t enjoy the delights of Summer all day everyday, we can at least daydream all we want during the week.

Three days from Friday!


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