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20 Facts About Me

The easiest thing to write about when you’re trying to get into/ return to the groove? YOURSELF. I mean really what do you know better? I will try to use this to break back into my laptop relationship and maybe make some new friends. I love Jesus I’m a college admissions counselor at UNC Asheville… Continue reading 20 Facts About Me

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Regaining Perspective after Anxiety

After spending a large portion of time being an anxious mess, I have to follow that period of time up with an equally large amount of time reminding myself  to keep my perspective in check. ( Because I have recognized, at least in myself, that anxiety is caused by an inexplicably skewed perspective). This is… Continue reading Regaining Perspective after Anxiety

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Hitting the Brakes as a Chronic People Pleaser

  I lied. I lied to other people, and I even lied to myself. I said something that I thought would make everyone else happy to hear, rather than really examining the truth. My lie was that I said I had realized that the reason I thought I needed to go through a period of such… Continue reading Hitting the Brakes as a Chronic People Pleaser

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Awesome Outlets for Overcoming Anxiety

As someone who spent most of her life thinking that people who had anxiety were just people who couldn’t handle stress (sorry about that), it really took me by surprise when I became absolutely overwhelmed with anxiety last fall. It literally felt like walking into a brick wall, that consequently fell on me, and there was… Continue reading Awesome Outlets for Overcoming Anxiety