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16 Minute Fix

I’m not immune to the everyday issue of sleeping through the first alarm.. and the second, and more recently, the sixth. I think it has something to do with the way my body naturally rebels to starting my first job that begins at 8 am in the middle of winter. (Darkness=sleep)

I usually set my alarm about 70 minutes before the golden time that I’m supposed to be out the door (7:40). Recently, it’s been more of a grumpy roll out of bed a 7:24, I have my alarm set on a 9 minute snooze – because 10 minutes would be absolutely ridiculous.

This leaves me about 16 ย minutes to get dressed, get my act together and get out the door. And it’s the getting my act together part that usually takes the longest- I must be fed and somewhat made up. So I’ve been reduced to throwing my clothes on as quickly as I can. Here’s how I keep it professional, unique and quick! (And some days just 2 outta 3)img_0967

The Boring parts:

I’m quickly selling myself out here, but I hide in black. I know that makes me different form about zero other women, but if it ain’t broke don’t break it.

Not only black, but I honestly tend to wear a lot of solids. Hence, the black and tan. I am honestly trying to incorporate more prints, but the furthest I’ve gone towards boldness is horizontal stripes.. and so much so that they’re almost a solid.

The black pants are a deliciously stretchy knit from Ann Taylor.

The black jacket is a knit cross zip from Banana Republic.

The Fun!

This winter even more than others, I am obsessed with suede. I think the texture just looks warm and expensive (obviously, in the right capacities).

So, I’m starting with a boring that I’m considering as both- the tan top. This is a short-sleeved hi-low suede shirt that ย I got at Goodwill (where I hope to have my ashes scattered) for $3.75. Alone, it honestly sort of looks like a hi-end cowboy stripper shirt. But, with friends, I think really think it works!

Also, in the land of suede are my ankle booties with a kitten heel from J. Crew. (I can only do a kitten heel in a boot because if it didn’t have sides I would roll right off, and I don’t see how others don’t also.)


Finally, and most obviously a statement necklace. I used to think this meant it had to be one of those big jewely types from J.Crew (and trust me I have my fair share of those) but, I’ve recently most towards more metals and tassels. This one was .60ยข on sale at Forever 21. I love to find interesting (weird) pieces cheap!

So the moral of our story is, when strapped for time you can never fail with black investment pieces and a little dollar store flair!

I’d love to hear how you pull it together in the morning, especially in a rush!


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