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3 Ways to Outlast Resolution Abandonment

Finally Friday in what could quite possibly be the longest four-day work week of all time! As we go into the first weekend of the New Year, I want to share three ways I have found to outlast resolution burnout.

Flying into 2017 (with help)

1. Avoid All-or-Nothing thinking

textOK, this one pertains to all types of resolutions. The reason many people don’t find success in their resolutions can boil down to one word.  Expectations. 

If I learned anything from 2016 it’s that unrealistic expectations can kill anything  if that want to. Resolutions, dreams, relationships, goals,  jobs.  That may sounds a little backwards if you’re ‘type A’ like I am. We’re supposed to have high expectations to be successful, right? Well, Sort of.

The side of expectations that tends to drag us down is the unrealistic side in the second half of the first definition. Believing that we should achieve something results in thinking that if it doesn’t happen exactly the way we thought it would, then we aren’t succeeding, and we are wasting time.

If you set expectations unreasonably high or too specific (I’m talking to you, perfectionists) then you will just chase after something  until you are exhausted, and that feels like failure, even though it’s likely not.

The truth is that things happen sometimes that are out of your control. You never know what life is going to serve up and if you have one specific vision of what success looks like, or how to get there, then there is a pretty good chance that every last detail of your plan isn’t going to pan out, no matter what you do.

What you can do is set a goal, and actively pursue it with a hope and faith that things will unfold like they are supposed to.fpAvoiding unrealistic expectations and all-or-nothing thinking doesn’t mean to stop believing in yourself, or to stop thinking that you can achieve anything. It just means that if you want to reach for the stars, you can’t think the only way to get there is a rocket ship.

2. Accept that you can’t have abs before you can touch your toes

For those with fitness goals. Please, get out there, accomplish them, and prove people wrong. But extra please, do it the right way, be realistic, and be kind to your body.

As a former D1 athlete who worked for most of her childhood to get there, I could only remember one body that only reacted to food, lifting weights and running in one way: awesomely.

So when I took a year off from exercise, and decided to pick it back up last fall, I was less than pleased. I’m  24, and not that far out of the game, but I couldn’t do anything. I was exhausted all the time, the food I ate was bad and in strange quantities (and not in the cute girlfriend-meme-kind-of-way) and it just felt like something was wrong.

It was. I was trying to pick up the same exercise habits as I had in college, hours of running, plyos and weights. And of course I couldn’t do it! I should have noticed something when I was completely gassed by the warm-up jog.image

The point is this no matter how much weight you want to lose, strength you want to gain, performance you want to improve. You can’t wave your wand and be there. And I’m not even talking about results- I’m talking about the practice it takes to get there.

I know you hate it, and I did too. But walk first, drink more water, lift light weight well, and it will all come back. Whatever you want to attain, you can totally get there. Just start small and appreciate your your gainzz!

3. Set SMART Goals

I’m pretty sure anyone who knows me is tired of hearing me say this. But, what really drives me crazy are people who set goals like “I want to be healthier,” or “I want to be a better person”. Please tell me what “better” means?

If you can’t measure or track your goal in some tangible way, there is a very low chance that you’re going to stick with

By setting a goal where you can track your progress, you can easily see what direction you’re moving and that will continue to renew your hopes ( see what I did there) in fulfilling your resolution, and your faith that it will come to fruition.

So please, don’t tell me me you want to be healthier. Tell me you want to drink  64 oz of water per day, or eat two vegetables with every meal. You’ll be surprised at how much more likely you are to follow through!

As someone who is a compulsive goal-setter, the new year is just an excuse for me to distribute my crazy with a little context. I’d love to hear about any of your goals you hope to achieve in 2017! (SMART goals only, please! 🙂 )


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