Navigating the “Other 12”

As we move into 2017, I ( like the majority of the planet) am really looking forward to starting fresh and taking all of the lessons I learned in 2016. I’m not sure there’s enough of 2017 to implement all of the lessons I learned in 2016, but all we can do is try.

One of my biggest lessons this past year was learning how to realistically define personal success.

Being a millennial, I always just assumed that I’d grasped the idea that “success is many things” and that “there’s no single path to success.” Well if all I had to do is think I knew things, I would have done a lot better than a C in Statistics.

I had a lightbulb moment while watching Netflix with my husband ( where all the good ideas come from, right?) We were watching the untold stories of geniuses, and the first one took us through a story about Steve Jobs and his venture with Apple.

While the whole story is awesome, what really caught me is that he had a 12-year “gap” away from Apple, after being asked to leave the company. Like most, I’ve read all of the Buzzfeed stories about what famous people where doing when they were 23 and while I love #GirlBoss, these were all stories about people who struggled before they hit it big.

That is the part my naive brain already understood. That I would struggle for a little while then I would do my version of figuring it out, and then I would conquer the world. ( Or at least be moderately successful and capable of filing my taxes by myself)

What struck me about Steve Jobs story is that he had already figured it out. He was doing something only a handful of people in the world were competitive in. He jumpstarted a groundbreaking company and somehow got fired from it. His own company!

If you don’t know me, or weren’t in my life this past year, I’ll catch you up. Re-read the last paragraph.. and then put it into much smaller, less impactful scale.

I really thought that I had figured it out and that I was in the first step of building my empire. In case you skipped ahead to this paragraph, I’ll go ahead and tell you I didn’t. I like EXTRA didn’t.

I failed, like many before me, but what I learned was that it was not the end. Failure is not final, and whether my gap is 12 years, 12 day or whatever. Losing once can stop anyone from winning again.

While that may seem like something you already know, if feels good to remind yourself when it happens.

I think you all know the end of the story for Mr. Jobs, but after being stripped of all executive duties in 1985, he was name “interim CEO” of Apple in 1997 before restoring the company to what it is today.

I am so grateful for new year and all of the opportunity that it brings. So I encourage you to take advantage of the worldwide momentum and renew your hope for what’s coming your way this year. Good, bad or ugly, just remember that it’s not final, and it it’s never too late for a clean slate!

In honor of Steve jobs, this blog was written on a MacBook.

What are some of your goals/ hopes/ resolutions for 2017? I’d love to hear them!


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